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Adriana Lecouvreur

A Filmed Performance...

 Adriana Lecouvreur
A filmed performance

Filmed in Tokyo in 1976 this is a stand out historical performance that documents the incredible talents of Montserrat Caballe at the very height of her career. Despite the grainy texture of the film and the Japanese subtitles burned into the film nothing can distract or take away the sheer power of this musically superior production.

Add the talents of the young Jose Carreras before his bout with Leukaemia when his voice was at its glorious best, the chemistry between the two Spanish stars can almost be felt by the viewer.

During the love duet there is a moment where the camera catches Montsy gazing at Carreras lost in the moment and actually mouthing his words as he sings to her- it is a lovely moment that is only bettered a few minutes later when Jose accidentally dislodges one of her earings and sends it plunging into Montsy’s bust.

The recovery and subsequent interaction between the pair enables the alert viewer to share in the intimacy of a very live onstage moment – it is wonderful.

With the legendary Fiorenza Cossotto playing the Princess de Bouillon (and playing it to the hilt) only adds to the magic of this production. Her opening aria in Act 2 is nothing less than glorious and delivered in a way that many a diva of today could learn from.

If ever there is an opera which deserves more attention than it gets it is Adriana Lecouvrer – it is very much the sweeping romantic opera that grows on you the more you hear it.

Despite the age of this performance the stereo sound is excellent- and just another reason why I place this performance in the must have category. In my view, Adriana is one of Montsy’s great roles- and this DVD is a treat!


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Adriana Lecouvreur

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