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Franco BonisolliFranco Bonisolli

(May 25, 1938, Italy - October 30, 2003, Austria)

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Franco Bonisolli was an Italian operatic tenor.

He was particularly associated with the Italian repertory, notably as Manrico and Calaf.

He also appeared as "Alfredo" in the filmed La Traviata with Anna Moffo in the sixties and was famous for frequently repeating Di Quella Pira in Il Trovatore.

Known for having a diva like temperament at times and his tendency to work to the crowd led some purists and critics to label him an opera ham- but his star ranking and appeal was never in doubt.

There is a filmed Il Trovatore from the Arena di Verona available with Rosalind Plowright and the great Fiorenza Cossotto delightfully over playing Azucena to the hilt where Franco Bonisolli unashamedly does the Di Quella Pira repeat.

It is insanely wonderful even though the reserved Rosalind Plowright seems to be blissfully unaware of the high campery going on to the left and the right of her.

Click here for recordings and performances by Franco Bonisolli.

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