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The Artist - Grant Jarrett

A life of creations!Grant Jarrett

Grant Jarrett (pictured right with puppet) is an artist who is enjoying a growing reputation as a leading creator of amazing art works – using multi media to create theatrical art - particularly a series of Opera posters.

Also known as Daniel G Jarrett (Daniel being a nickname) he created the acclaimed Grandan Puppets (some of the largest marionettes in the world) and performed with them Internationally, as well as in his adopted home country, Australia.

As a child Grant learned music and as a young adult established a semi professional career as a lyric baritone performing in his native New Zealand in musicals, operas, recitals, weddings, funerals, cabaret and music hall. He also enjoyed performing in regular plays and one prominent NZ actor noted he was one of the most naturally talented actors he had ever worked with.

Throughout his life Grant has always enjoyed indulging his wide appreciation of art by using his skills as a sculptor to create memorable pieces.

As a child, having seen a touring exhibition of wax figures by Madame Tussaud he had become fascinated with them. In his twenties he began to experiment to discover the secret processes which were originally used by Madame Tussaud to recreate figure portraits of famous and infamous people. His goal to create a wax museum was shattered on the death of his wife and his subsequent move to Australia.

Leonardo da Vinci Robespierre

Pictured - two wax heads by Grant Jarrett, Leonardo da Vinci on the left and Robespierre on the right, copied from the original portraits and death masks taken by Madame Tussaud.

Following a life in the corporate sector in Australia, at the age of 58 Grant was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was during the treatment and recovery time that followed that he created the marionettes that became known as the Grandan Puppets and he performed with them at the Guang Gho Expo in South Korea in 2007 to great acclaim.

Physical limitations such as chronic asthma bought a halt to Grant’s live puppet performances in 2009 and he looked to find another way to indulge his creativity.

It was his ongoing love of opera and a large collection of autographed photos of famous opera singers that eventually led him to decide to create a series of opera posters, created using mixed media to give them added vibrancy. Using a series of processes each artwork is turned into lithographs and then reworked by hand to make each one an original in its own right, leading one art critic to state it is the most exciting innovation in art he has seen in twenty years.

Today, Grant enjoys expanding the range of artwork and sharing his love of opera and theatre with people from all around the world.

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