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Jussi Björling

Jussi Björling

(5 February 1911– 9 September 1960)

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Swedish tenor sensation is still regarded by many as one of the top three tenors of the 20th Century.

Short in stature and lacking any real acting skills, Victoria de los Angeles noted Jussi Björling's voice was more beautiful in the opera theatre than any of his many recordings revealed.

Certainly, he was one of those gifted singers who could simply stand and deliver- and it was all in the music.

In March of 1960 before a performance of La Boheme in the Royal Opera House, London, he suffered a mild heart attack before the performance. He still went on, but died of heart related causes six months later in his native Sweden.

He was only 49. Bjorling was a loving family man known for being generous to his colleagues.

Only after his death did the world come to know about the destructive influence of alcoholism which had plagued him for much of his life.

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