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Les Miserables

A Filmed Performance...

 Les Miserables
- The Dream Cast 10th Anniversary Concert

Of all the versions of "Les Mis" - including the recent movie one- this version is THE one to have.

Filmed in the Albert Hall as a concert performance, with all the artists in costume, filmed backdrops and special effects have been skilfully combined to present this amazing musical almost as a completed stage version.

Selecting the individual artists from the various casts around the world to bring forward the most ideal cast pays off enormously. Many of them original cast members- and the music put front and centre delivers a far more emotional, compelling and moving Les Mis than I have ever seen.

Veterans of the show including Colm Wilkinson, Alun Armstrong, Ruthie Henshall, Michael Ball, Lea Salonga are joined by Philip Quast and Jenny Galloway (who is a particular treat in this version) can only leave you wondering how and why many of these artists weren't used in the movie version?

Perhaps the day will come when movie producers will wake up to the fact big name stars can never replace the special magic that top line stage performers can bring to a role...this DVD surely proves it!

This is a particularly wonderful performance- and it well deserves a place in any collection.

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Les Miserables

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