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Opera Arts’ Series of ORIGINAL, LIMITIED EDITION, HANDMADE Opera Posters

Artist: Grant Jarrett

“Stunning! Even the internet pictures do not do these artworks justice”

“The colours are amazing – these pictures are easily the best in my collection.”

Each poster is created using a wide variety of mixed media to create a certain look, capture a certain mood or give a special effect to represent a specific opera or musical work.  Once the basic work has been created the background is then digitally captured and transferred using modern lithographic methods involving no less than twelve lifetime dyes, onto a thick archival parchment.  This gives a deep vibrancy of colour and texture that is simply not possible using other techniques.

The work is then hand finished by the artist and various individual features to further enhance the work are added.  No two posters in a series are exactly the same – each one of them is purposefully created to carry unique features so it is indeed a stand-alone original within that series.

Once completed, the work is numbered and signed by the artist and his DNA is incorporated somewhere within the work and it’s individual features are recorded. Each one comes with production notes and a Certificate of Authenticity.

“Stunning! Even the internet pictures do not do these artworks justice”
- D. Storey

“The colours are amazing – these pictures are easily the best in my collection.”

- Collin O'Hara

“The poster arrived yesterday and everyone who has seen it wants one”

- Janey Watson

“We love the posters and can’t wait to get more as you increase the collection. The feature on ours is superb and makes it impossible to ignore. Everyone notices it and comments. It is easily the best thing on our wall.”

- Tania & Jeff 

“I know nothing about opera but this picture makes me want to find out more and it’s far better than my original Deep Purple poster- awesome mate!”

- D. C.

- Comments from new owners of Opera Art.

Each piece in the Opera Art collection is created to express the particular emotion or “flavour” of the opera it represents.

In a very theatrical way, each one is specially designed to breathe life into the subject in a unique way that only a poster format can do.

In effect, it becomes a mini performance, as well as a work of art to enhance any wall or room.
Some are gentle and beautiful – others are full on dramatic (even shocking) - just like the operas they represent!

The colours are strikingly beautiful – and the posters are arrestingly dramatic.

Each piece of Opera Art measures (594 x 420 mm / 23.4 x 16.5 in).

The collection is constantly growing and the artist, Grant. Jarrett, has a goal to complete a collection of the most popular and loved operas as well as some special “tribute works”.

Each piece is shipped Air Express, ready to be framed in the style of your own choosing.

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