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Elektra: The Opera Arts Poster



Elektra: This stunning poster honours legendary dramatic soprano, Birgit Nilsson in the Metropolitan production of 1980 of Richhard Strauss's Elektra.

The depth and colour of this poster is as dramatic as you would expect depicting Elektra in the middle of her famous dance under the shadow of the axe she has just given her brother to commit the murders.

From the sides, through the errie slices in the rock, in the flickering light we can see the obvious suggestion of the murders taking place.

There are only 250 posters in this series- each one hand finished and incorporating an individual unique feature.

Signed and Numbered each original comes with a Certificate of Authenticity- AUD $850

Includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Artist: Grant Jarrett

NOTE: Hand finishing and the addition of feature highlights make each and every poster in the series different and original from all others.

Dimensions: 594 x 420 mm / 23.4 x 16.5 in

For the DVD of this historic performance, click here.




Orders are despatched within seven days of processing.

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