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Macbeth: The Opera Arts Poster

Macbeth Opera Arts Poster


Macbeth: This piece combines classic broad paint strokes so often used in traditional poster art - but it has a powerful presence that delivers so much more!

Dramatic reds combine with dark shadows while an evil eye dominates the picture under a medieval crown. 

The menace of the character is only exceeded by the drips of blood oozing from the title.  

This powerful poster is as arresting as the bloody subject itself, drawing the viewer in, it is almost impossible to ignore. 

Some will say it would be easily identifiable even without the title- as it is an almost iconic representation of the subject of Shakespeare’s play and Verdi's opera.

Signed and Numbered each original comes with a Certificate of Authenticity- AUD $850

Dimensions: 594 x 420 mm / 23.4 x 16.5 in

Artist: Grant Jarrett

NOTE: Hand finishing and the addition of feature highlights make each and every poster in the series different and original from all others.

Includes shipping anywhere in the world.


Orders are despatched within seven days of processing.

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