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Rusalka: The Opera Arts Poster

Rusalka Limited Edition Opera Art


Rusalka: Dvorak's legendary opera about the water sprite Rusalka who turns men into deer is not one of the most commonly peformed operas - but her famous aria "Song To the Moon" is almost instantly recognisable because it is played so often. .

This sumptuous artwork beautifully catches the etherial fantasy world of the Rusalka and is impossible to ignore.

Her appearance in the stream with the moonlight touching the water and fantasy trees and flowers is an image that is hauntingly beautiful and memorable.

This is an exceptional piece that captures all the beauty and power that poster art can be- yet it also goes way beyond it.

With the addition of extra media features on each of these works- Rusalka is destined to become a key feature in any collection.

Signed and Numbered each original comes with a Certificate of Authenticity- AUD $850

Includes shipping anywhere in the world.


Artist: Grant Jarrett

NOTE: Hand finishing and the addition of feature highlights make each and every poster in the series different and original from all others.

Dimensions: 594 x 420 mm / 23.4 x 16.5 in


Includes shipping anywhere in the world.


Orders are despatched within seven days of processing.

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