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The Performer: The Opera Arts Picture

The Performer Limited Edition Opera Art


The Performer: A treat for anyone who has ever trod the boards- who is the performer?

The person who is looking at this incredible picture is instantly onstage and seeing a typical audience in a very typical way.

There are the bland faces in the half light- and some even soaking it in - or are they falling asleep?

What is the child doing and is the lady with the tall hair and jewels a Jewish princess?

Someone has a hand on their knee but is it their own?

This picture (not a poster) is a fascinating and amusing examination of an aspect of live performance.

Finishing touches often include "turning on some spots."

This is a work that will be treasured by anyone who has ever been on stage or those that would like to be!

Either as a gift or as an investment is a work that draws notice and comment.

Signed and Numbered each original comes with a Certificate of Authenticity- AUD $850

Includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Dimensions: 594 wide x 420 mm deep/ 23.4 x 16.5 in

Artist: Grant Jarrett

NOTE: Hand finishing and the addition of feature highlights make each and every picture in the series different and original from all others.


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