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Opera: Ercole S’ul Termodonte

Ercole S’ul Termodonte

Ercole S’ul Termodonte

Ercole S’ul Termodonte

By Antonio Vivaldi.

This opera premiered in January 1723. A tale of the ninth labour of the legendary Hercules tells the story of the battle between him and the Amazon women.

Despite its huge initial success, the score was later lost for many years and it is only in recent times that it has been recovered and reassembled musically, by Maestro, Alessandro Ciccolini.

This contemporary production with iconic sets and costumes by John Curtis, broke new ground in the opera world with Hercules being portrayed as the classic “male nude” often depicted in pictures and sculptures.

Nudity in opera is not new for women and in recent times productions of the Wagner operas have sometimes featured naked Rhinemaidens. 

Modern productions of “Salome” frequently see the diva “sacrificing garb for art” at the end of the Dance of the Seven Veils”.

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