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Richard Tucker

Richard Tucker

(August 28, 1913–January 8, 1975)

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Richard Tucker was one of the finest American operatic tenor's the USA has ever produced.

Brother in law to tenor Jan Peerce there was tension within the family reputedly due to professional jealousy- Peerce was allegedly not convinced Tucker had the abilities he went on to prove he had.

In a stellar career there were many highlights, none less than in 1949, when Arturo Toscanini, the most celebrated Italian conductor of the twentieth century, engaged him to sing the role of Radames for the NBC simulcast of a complete performance of Aida opposite Herva Nelli.

It was the first ever full opera performance ever broadcast on national television.

Richard Tucker went on to cover a career of thirty years at the Metropolitan playing all the main tenor roles and enjoying unparalelled popularity with the public and among his colleagues.

He died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1975 and was the only singer in history to have his funeral on the stage of the Metropolitan.

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