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Teresa BerganzaTeresa Berganza

(Born on March 16, 1935)

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Teresa Berganza, is a Spanish mezzo-soprano and throughout her long career she has been most closely associated with the roles of Rossini, Mozart, and Bizet.

She is admired for her technical virtuosity, musical intelligence and beguiling stage presence.

A renowned Carmen she has been often recorded and played Zerlina in the Joseph Losey film of "Don Giovanni" in the 70's.

Teresa Berganza is one of four great Spanish singers who were all on the world stage around the same time- Placido Domingo, Montserrat Caballe and Jose Carerras.

They all sang a section in the opening of the Olympic Games ceremony in Barcelona.

Following the great Victoria De Los Angeles, it is fair to say that over the years Spain has produced some very top line opera singers.

Teresa Berganza is one of the featured stars on our "Legends" product range.

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